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Textplates 07

Textplates 07 entry

Even though I use ExpressionEngine almost exclusively for the websites I build I do keep an eye on the evolution of other systems such as Wordpress and Textpattern. I recently read the excellent Textpattern Solutions book and when I stumbled upon the annual Textplates design contest I decided to port the old, dark version of this blog to Textpattern.

It was a fun exercise and a good excuse to dig a little deeper into Textpattern. There are some similarities to EE and although some things are handled quite differently all in all it was a rather smooth experience. I dubbed the design P&T, submitted it and, lo and behold, it’s been accepted as an official entry into the competition.

This current excuse for a blog stays on EE though and will get a makeover in the month to come to have it blend in more with the rest of my portfolio site which is due somewhere in July-August. For now I’m working on a few new things and enjoying dogsitting this fella.

Update: no Textplate joy I’m afraid, although the template I liked best did win the contest. Better luck next year?